Mentor, who needs one?

As a younger man, I frequently felt I had great ideas and that I was not fully utilizing my abilities.  The trouble being, I was in a job that wanted me to work hard on a narrow focus – not some bigger picture needing great ideas.

Then through reading and research, I realized that if I was going to find better opportunities, I had to improve my abilities and let others know about it.  So not satisfied with just a Mechanical Engineering Degree, I made a smart move to enter and complete the Executive MBA Program at the University of Houston.  This helped me a lot.  It especially helped me with the knowledge, but I still needed a good place to focus my knowledge.  I wanted to make a real difference in the business world.

That’s when I read an article on the value of a mentor (a business coach).  Someone who was an “older me” helping the “younger me” – someone who was wiser & who really cared.  A mentor will listen to your story and listen to your dreams.  He/she will then say, “Let me show you a better more efficient way.”  That is the point of this video.  An expert can show you a few simple techniques and get you on the right track.

As a coach and mentor, I get to witness first hand, the value I bring to individuals.  It is very gratifying.  Mentors can come in all types, shapes and sizes and from lots of different places.  You will not see them until you begin to look for them. SEEK & YOU SHALL FIND.

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