John Graham’s talks, seminars and training are energetic, powerful and immediately useful in improving business productivity and personal achievement.

Learn how to:
• Redefine / Reframe Success
• Map a Performance Plan
• Create employee satisfaction in order to create customer satisfaction

John will tailor each presentation to focus on the specific needs of each client audience based on pre-speech interviews with key individuals from the audience group.


Call John directly to discuss availability for your event.
John Franklin Graham speaks on topics such as:

  • Employee Productivity
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Business Strategy
  • Why Give 100% – I Just Work Here
  • Plus customized programs
Fee Schedule Local (Houston Area) Travel with in U.S.
Speaking – 1 event $2500 $3500
Seminar – ½ day $3500 $4500
Workshop – 8 hour day $4500 $5500

Fees can be adjusted depending on circumstances, such as combining multiple events or when combined with an active consulting engagement. Consulting fees are based on the engagement.