The 4 Stages of a Job

From Chapter 3, Why Give 100%, I Just Work Here

The 4 Stages of a Job as I have observed over the years:

  1.  Excitement:  You just arrived and everything is new.  You are eagerly learning all  there is to learn about the position and the company.
  2. Contribution:  The excitement is fading a little bit, but you now have your feet solidly on the ground and you have learned a lot about the position and the company.  You are now making a solid contribution.
  3. Frustration:  This happens once you realize there is a significant amount of repetition in the job.  You tire of dealing with paperwork and the problems with customers, co-workers and demanding superiors.
  4. Disengagement:  This is when you mentally start giving up and think “What’s the use?”  This is when you start looking for another job or at least seriously consider it.  Now you have a few choices.  One choice is to move through this stage quickly and move on to another organization.  Moving through this phase is actually best for everyone.  Some people find a way to recommit and move back into the “Contribution” phase.  This is not easy and takes some serious self coaching.  But it is a good thing.  The third and worst choice is to do nothing (or very little) and keep showing up and going through the motions.  These people have mentally quit!  This is very costly to the company and not a good place to be stuck.

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